Alice Dewar-Mills

In this episode of Tales from the Engine Room, host Caroline Beavon interviews Alice Dewar-Mills, the founder of Looking Glass Solutions. 

Alice's company is committed to simplifying contract and commercial strategy procedures for small businesses. Alice shares her passion for aiding individuals and companies in the intricate world of contracts.

Discussion Points Include:
  1. Introduction to Alice's background as a commercial director and her choice to launch her own enterprise, Looking Glass Solutions, a business that offers contract reviews, and plans for training for freelancers.
  2. Alice's initiation into the realm of contract management during her placement year at Rolls-Royce, which was part of her degree at the University of Bath.
  3. Discussion on the significance of comprehending contracts when negotiating with large corporations. Alice underscores the potential hazards of losing intellectual property or consenting to disadvantageous terms without adequate understanding.
  4. An exploration of Alice's perspective on her services as an alternative to legal consultation, presenting both commercial and legal acumen.
  5. Alice's plans for Looking Glass Solutions to deliver training for in-house contract management for small businesses and freelancers. Alice stresses that contracts are just a discussion and shouldn't be daunting.
  6. A conversation on the dynamics of freelancing and remote work, the flexible nature of freelancing, and how a uniform approach does not apply to all.
  7. Alice's experience as a remote worker for about 15 years, her strategies to create virtual communities to combat solitude, and ensure an efficient workflow. A conversation about the importance of sharing personal information, within limits, to establish connections with colleagues.
  8. A deeper dive into the work-life balance, examples of people who can proficiently manage their professional and personal lives, and the rising need for flexibility in the modern workspace.
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Alice Dewar-Mills
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